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Asylum (Riverview Hospital Story Project: Part One)
Climate action panel (Video)
A Good-Bye Celebration Special Messages to Bill Day
The cost of moving people and goods: Who pays?
The Learning Centre at Douglas College
David Lam Campus Open House
Winslow Opening [Tape 1]
Ceremonial Sod Turning
Winslow Opening [Tape 2]
Creating inclusive communities: What are the limits?
Inclusive cities: Welcoming newcomers 
Balancing act: Revitalization without gentrification
Truth and Reconciliation: Cities and citizens
Housing: What have we done?
Riverfront remake: What vision is the city crafting, and for whom? 
Truck off! Balancing truck traffic and livability 
Just growth:  Can urban development be fair and sustainable? 
Climate change: Local responses to weather the storm 
Resilient cities: Planning for uncertainty