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Child and youth care in the field: A practicum workbook
New dimensions of sport in modern Europe: Perspectives from the ‘Long Twentieth Century’
Public protection as a ruling concept in the management of nurses’ substance use
Nurse mentored, student research in undergraduate nursing education to support evidence‐based practice: A pilot study
Reducing the use of imprisonment: Lessons from 20 years' experience in Canada
A comparative study of anaesthetic agents on high voltage activated calcium channel currents in identified molluscan neurons
The role of technology in the hospital and implications for coronavirus
How to play philosophy: A book for public thinking and the thinking public
Does consumer innovativeness matter in electrified vehicle? The moderation role of consumer involvement
Diffused effort, asset heterogeneity, and real estate brokerage
COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy in Canada: Content analysis of tweets using the theoretical domains framework
The decline of lawn tennis in Ireland around the turn of the twentieth century: Bad management, bad luck or bad homburg?
To ‘fan the spirit of race hatred’: lawn tennis, propaganda and Germanophobia during the Great War
'Flannelled fools are strutting about tennis courts': Lawn tennis in Britain during the Great War
Exploring issues in transnational sport history
'And how pretty they are!’ Lawn tennis, tourism and gender relations at Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, 1880s-1920s
Panegyric: A novel
Child rights based and trauma informed training in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside
Embracing interdependence: A community approach to development for adults emerging from care