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Sentencing chronic offenders: 30 strikes and you're out?
Human rights policies, neoliberal discourse, and the neutralization of human rights issues in Canadian harassment and discrimination policies
Bluesprint: Black British Columbian literature and orature
The Iraqi expatriates' experience of the North American media coverage of Iraq war
Parables of care: I know how this ends, stories of dementia care
Peripheral Europeans: The history of the racialization of Slavs in Canada
Recent advances on supply chain management
‘Putting on band-aids’: the contradictory roles and ‘small wins’ of tempered campus radicals
Stigmatisation, exaggeration, and contradiction: an analysis of scientific and clinical content in Canadian print media discourse about fetal alcohol spectrum disorder
After Canaan : essays on race, writing, and region
Explaining the health gap experienced by girls and women in Canada: A social determinants of health perspective
COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy in Canada: Content analysis of tweets using the theoretical domains framework
'And how pretty they are!’ Lawn tennis, tourism and gender relations at Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, 1880s-1920s