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Acupressure in high-risk ambulatory post-operative patients to reduce PONV
The erased pharaoh
Solutions to school bullying through programs
Overpolicing of Black youth in streets
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Substance Use Disorder: Early assessment and treatment
Nutrition for the future
Durban case study analysis
Guaranteed return to work for Hilton Vancouver Metrotown workers
STEP UP (Student Teams Exploring Pervasive Urban Problems)
Pre-shot conditions and golf putting performance study
The effects of a recommended dose of a pre-workout supplement on anaerobic performance
Is Portland a sustainable city?
Logic, emotion, and the sublime
Is the future success of young adult female volleyball players correlated with early sport specialization in their youth?
A feminist guide to hacking this tech gatebox "Azuma Hikari"
Managing change in organizations
Queer education is harm reduction