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The behavioural consequences of the automatic dehumanization of refugees
Workshop: Ambiguity, empathy and narrative co-design: The user experience of reading dementia care comic
"Not a portion of the Galaxy must be denied him":  Isaac Asimov's early Foundation stories and the future of social liberalism
Troubling Canadian community in Brian K. Vaughn’s 'We Stand on Guard'
If it quacks like a duck: Understanding science versus pseudoscience
Leadership for multicultural teams: The challenges in managing cross-cultural conflicts
Trenches, embankments, and palisades
Fighting fire with fire: Why harsher punishments for young female offenders are not the answer
Footnotes, Endnotes, and HTML5: Blogging and the future of literary criticism
Library projects using agile or traditional project management: Less stress and more success
Drinking with friends: a cellular automata approach to modeling peer influence of on binge drinking behaviour
School learning environments and long-term outcomes related to community and civic engagement
A lesson of success in microfinance in Africa: The experience of ACSI in Ethiopia
Transformative learning and the sociological imagination
The role of boundary judgements in fostering a critical global education
Rise, fall and rewriting: The House of Northumberland's literary architecture