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Confronting two-tiered community recreation and poor women's exclusion: Promoting inclusion, health and social justice
Does this feel empowering? Using métissage to explore the effects of critical pedagogy
Challenges of using progress monitoring measures: insights from practicing clinicians
Synaptic plasticity is impaired in rats with a low glutathione content
Partial loss of Ascl2 function affects all three layers of the mature placenta and causes intrauterine growth restriction
Marbled murrelets select distinctive nest trees within old-growth forest patches
An application of fuzzy BWM for risk assessment in offshore oil projects
Advancing women's social justice agendas: a feminist action research framework
The physiology of rock climbing
The influence of oviposition experience on response to host pheromone in Trichogramma sibericum (Hymenoptera: Trichogrammatidae)
The time lag between a carbon dioxide emission and maximum warming increases with the size of the emission
Ethical challenges in contemporary FASD research and practice: a global health perspective
Maintenance of EMG activity and loss of force output with instability
Flora de la región ultramáfica (serpentinícola) de Guamuhaya
The effects of social story interventions on preschool age children with and without disabilities
‘The old days of amateurism are over’: the Samaranch revolution and the return of Olympic tennis
Effects of prolonged exposure to ethanol in vivo on functional parameters and sensitivity to nitrendipine in the isolated rat heart
Lessons learned during establishment of the College of Health Sciences of the University of Zimbabwe 1995-2001
Rescue of placental phenotype in a mechanistic model of Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome