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Confronting two-tiered community recreation and poor women's exclusion: Promoting inclusion, health and social justice
Inferring sexually deviant behavior from corresponding fantasies: The role of personality and pornography consumption
Does this feel empowering? Using métissage to explore the effects of critical pedagogy
Challenges of using progress monitoring measures: insights from practicing clinicians
Synaptic plasticity is impaired in rats with a low glutathione content
Partial loss of Ascl2 function affects all three layers of the mature placenta and causes intrauterine growth restriction
Marbled murrelets select distinctive nest trees within old-growth forest patches
An application of fuzzy BWM for risk assessment in offshore oil projects
The effect of low and high-intensity cycling in diesel exhaust on flow-mediated dilation, circulating NOx, endothelin-1 and blood pressure
Culturing rate and the surveillance of bloodstream infections: a population-based assessment
The physiology of rock climbing
Exploring the promises of intersectionality for advancing women's health research
Detection of muoniated organic free radicals in supercritical water
Inhospital death is a biased measure of fatal outcome from bloodstream infection
The influence of oviposition experience on response to host pheromone in Trichogramma sibericum (Hymenoptera: Trichogrammatidae)
A review of relationships between active living and determinants of health
The time lag between a carbon dioxide emission and maximum warming increases with the size of the emission
Ethical challenges in contemporary FASD research and practice: a global health perspective
Maintenance of EMG activity and loss of force output with instability
Flora de la región ultramáfica (serpentinícola) de Guamuhaya