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Workshop: Ambiguity, empathy and narrative co-design: The user experience of reading dementia care comic
An incomplete project: Graphic adaptations of Moby-Dick and the ethics of response
An innocent at home: Scott Pilgrim and his Canadian multicultural contexts
Graphic medicine as relational practice in dementia care:  Comics, affect and immediacy
Parables of care:  Creative responses to dementia care, as told to carers
Parables of care: Instrumentality, aesthetics and utility in devising a comic for dementia caregivers
Parables of care: I know how this ends, stories of dementia care
Nightmares of identity: Nationalism and loss in Leonard Cohen's Beautiful Losers
Studying comics in a teaching (non-research) institution and having a good time doing it
A comic visualising the experience of video-conferencing with aging parents during the COVID-19 pandemic