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‘The old days of amateurism are over’: the Samaranch revolution and the return of Olympic tennis
'They treat me like I'm scum': Social exclusion and established-outsider relations in a British tennis club
A social history of tennis in Britain
'Vive le defecteur!’ an analysis of the British media’s construction of Greg Rusedski’s national identity in the 1990s/2000s
The demise of Olympic lawn tennis in the 1920's: A case study of shifting relations between the IOC and International Sports Federations
Nationalism at war: Conflicting narratives of tennis, 1914-18
'That excellent sample of a professional': Dan Maskell and the contradictions of British amateurism in twentieth-century lawn tennis
Stigmatized, marginalized, celebrated: Developments in Lawn Tennis coaching, 1870-1939
The Routledge handbook of tennis: History, culture and politics
Sex Integration in sport and physical culture: Promises and pitfalls
Defeat, decline and disconnect: A critical analysis of attempted reform in British tennis during the inter-war period
The Wimbledon championships, the all England lawn tennis club, and “invented traditions”
The 'ghosts' of lawn tennis past:  Exploring the forgotten lives of early working-class coaching-professionals
The ‘ubiquitous apostle of international play’, Wilberforce Vaughan Eaves: The forgotten internationalist of lawn tennis
“Our Ginny”: Virginia Wade, the 1977 Wimbledon championships and the gendering of national identity
The promises and pitfalls of sex integration in sport and physical culture
'Guys don’t whale away at the women’: etiquette and gender relations in contemporary mixed-doubles tennis
The development and transformation of Anglo-American relations in lawn tennis around the turn of the twentieth century
New dimensions of sport in modern Europe: Perspectives from the ‘Long Twentieth Century’.
‘Sandwich-men parade the streets’: Conceptualizing regionalism and the north-south divide in British lawn tennis