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Personality traits-based terrorism risk assessment: determining reliability using open-source data
Gathering cultural attitudes towards Indigenous peoples at Douglas College
A content analysis of Youtube comments framing homeless criminalization
Crown and Defence
Defining bicircular matroids in monadic logic
A comparative study of anaesthetic agents on high voltage activated calcium channel currents in identified molluscan neurons
Contemporary issues in gender sexuality and womens studies
Positive psychology in North America
Using longitudinal trajectories and reference percentiles for participation in activities for children with disabilities: An evidence to practice commentary
The independent and interactive associations of physical activity intensity and vitamin D status with bone mineral density in prepubertal children: the PANIC Study
Women domestic violence: a forgotten crisis during the COVID-19 pandemic
Learning after lockdown: "infinite cassroom"
Racism in academia: Indigenous students share their stories of racism in college
Is the future success of young adult female volleyball players correlated with early sport specialization in their youth?
Around the clock: an examination of the leisure lifestyles of shift workers
The effects of dry and liquid magnesium carbonate on pinch grip muscular endurance
Does early sport specialization correlate with future success in female volleyball?
A feminist guide to hacking this tech gatebox "Azuma Hikari"
"Out of the ruins" zine