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An application of fuzzy BWM for risk assessment in offshore oil projects
C4 the original pre-workout & explosive force
Reducing structural harm to empower youth
Is foam rolling an effective recovery tool for fatigue?
Echocardiographic assessment of ventricular function during exercise in adolescent female patients with anorexia nervosa
Learning to understand
Fighting fire with fire: Why harsher punishments for young female offenders are not the answer
Leviathan - Dies irae
Effect of imagery on force output in a deadlift
Autonomy, rights, and euthanasia policy: Lessons from John Stuart Mill
Play in therapeutic recreation with adults
Return to everyday activity in the community and home: A feasibility study for a lifestyle intervention to sit less, move more, and be strong
Right-wing extremists' persistent online presence: history and contemporary trends
Revisiting the conditional sentence of imprisonment after 20 years:  Is community custody now an endangered species?
Measuring correctional admissions of Aboriginal offenders in Canada: A relative inter-jurisdictional analysis
Douglas College Human Anatomy & Physiology II