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The behavioural consequences of the automatic dehumanization of refugees
Challenges of using progress monitoring measures: insights from practicing clinicians
Ethical challenges in contemporary FASD research and practice: a global health perspective
Progress monitoring measures: the interaction of clinician initial motivation with selection and maintenance issues
Troubling Canadian community in Brian K. Vaughn’s 'We Stand on Guard'
The reason for time
The microfinance mirage: The politics of poverty, social capital and women's empowerment in Ethiopia
If it quacks like a duck: Understanding science versus pseudoscience
The promises and pitfalls of sex integration in sport and physical culture
Effects of toll-like receptor ligands on RAW 264.7 macrophage morphology and zymosan phagocytosis
Trenches, embankments, and palisades
Price-to-earnings ratio: a state-of-art review
Footnotes, Endnotes, and HTML5: Blogging and the future of literary criticism
From Calbacor: an illustrated lecture
The effects of Bisphenol A exposure at different developmental time points in an androgen-sensitive neuromuscular system
Inability to suppress salient distractors predicts low visual working memory capacity
Activity of SHIP, which prevents expression of interleukin 1β, is reduced in patients with Crohn’s disease
The ‘ubiquitous apostle of international play’, Wilberforce Vaughan Eaves: The forgotten internationalist of lawn tennis
Transformative learning and the sociological imagination