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The time lag between a carbon dioxide emission and maximum warming increases with the size of the emission
An innocent at home: Scott Pilgrim and his Canadian multicultural contexts
'Grace Aguilar's defence of Jewish difference: Representing women's reading'
Assessing the effectiveness and efficiency of a police service: the analytics of operational reviews
Susceptibilidad de las áreas protegidas cubanas a la invasión por Rhus succedanea (Anacardiaceae)
David Lam Campus
The demise of Olympic lawn tennis in the 1920's: A case study of shifting relations between the IOC and International Sports Federations
Proton, muon and 13C hyperfine coupling constants of C60X and C70X (X = H, Mu)
Hidden in the shadows: The Impact of temporary worker populations on crime rate calculations
The potential role for supervised injection facilities in Canada’s largest city, Toronto
Male song quality modulates c-Fos expression in the auditory forebrain of the female canary
Huntingtin interacting proteins 14 and 14-like are required for chorioallantoic fusion during early placental development
Diversidad de grupos funcionales en la vegetación de la costa arenosa de los cayos Grande, Anclitas y Caguamas (archipiélago de los Jardines de la Reina, Cuba)
Moving towards social inclusion: Manager and staff perspectives on an award winning community sport and recreation program for immigrants
High proportion of cactus species threatened with extinction
Where the words end and my body begins
The naturally emerging structure of well-being among young adults: "Big Two" or other framework?
Bioinformatic analysis of chlamydia trachomatis polymorphic membrane proteins PmpE, PmpF, PmpG and PmpH as potential vaccine antigens