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The physiology of rock climbing
Legislative recruitment: using diagnostic testing to explain underrepresentation
Anarchism and the archaeology of anarchic societies:  Resistance to centralization in the Coast Salish Region of the Pacific Northwest Coast
Strategies to adapt walking mechanics to path curvature after a stroke
Toward an understanding of immigration as a defining feature of the 21st century
Identifying the gaps in infection prevention and control resources for long-term care facilities in British Columbia
‘Reflexive modernity’ and the transition experiences of university athletes
Putting proteins in their place: Palmitoylation in Huntington disease and other neuropsychiatric diseases
The effects of exercise in hypoxic and normoxic conditions on endothelin-1 and arterial compliance
Philosophy: adventures in thought and reasoning
Depletion and reconstitution of macrophages in mice
Vivipary in Cuban cacti: A pioneer study in Leptocereus scopulophilus
Cartesian egalitarianism: From Poullain de la Barre to Rancière
The dehumanization of refugees: determinants and consequences
Each day is a new creation: guidelines on living a life of purpose
The racial romance of Amy Levy's "Reuben Sachs"
Women’s career decision-making after brain injury
The effect of pre-exercise diesel exhaust exposure on cycling performance and cardio-respiratory variables
The nothingness of equality: "The 'Sartrean existentialism' of Jacques Rancière"