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Diagnosis of hyperthyroidism in cats with mild chronic kidney disease
Evidence that viral abundance across oceans and lakes is driven by different biological factors
Social network and distance correlates of criminal associates involved in illicit drug production
Power and beauty of mathematics in an Astronomy for Liberal Arts majors and an introduction to computers course
The mainstream media's influence on students' perceptions of the study of criminology
Feasibility of epilepsy follow‐up care through telemedicine: a pilot study on the patient's perspective
Protecting the rights of International ‘orphans’: evaluating the alternatives
Offender coercion in treatment: a meta-analysis of effectiveness
Continuing the journey: articulating dimensions of feminist participatory action research (FPAR)
Creating physical education in remote Australian schools: Overcoming the tyranny of distance through communities of practice
When cross-modal attention fails
The social tasks of learning to become a physical education teacher: Considering the HPE subject department as a community of practice
Tracking the location of visuospatial attention in a contingent capture paradigm
An essential role for MCL-1 in ATR-mediated CHK1 phosphorylation
Making biggest bigger: Port Metro Vancouver's 21st century re-structuring -- global meets local at the Asia Pacific Gateway
Repeated estradiol administration alters different aspects of neurogenesis and cell death in the hippocampus of female, but not male, rats
Good, bad, thwarted or addicted? Discourses of substance-using mothers
4D gravity changes associated with the 2005 eruption of Sierra Negra volcano, Galápagos