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Flora de la región ultramáfica (serpentinícola) de Guamuhaya
Lack of behavioral and neuropathological effects of dietary β-methylamino- l-alanine (BMAA) in mice
Studying the mechanosensitivity of voltage-gated channels using oocyte patches
Experience research social change: methods beyond the mainstream
Consideraciones sobre el manejo del área "El Tibisial" para la conservación de la flora ultramáfica (serpentinícola) de Guamuhaya
Primer reporte de Magnolia virginiana (Magnoliaceae) en Cuba
Hypocretin/Orexin selectively increases dopamine efflux within the prefrontal cortex: involvement of the ventral tegmental area
Honour yourself: inspiring lessons to enrich your life
The absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence: Biopolitics and the state of exception
Context-dependent prefrontal cortex regulation of cocaine self-administration and reinstatement behaviors in rats
Cortical expressions of inhibition of return
Democratic paradoxes: Thomas Hill Green on democracy and education
Hallazgo de Leptocereus wrightii (Cactaceae) en Puerto Escondido, La Habana
The good mother: Does nest-site selection constitute parental investment in turtles?
Activity theory and context: An understanding of the development of constructivist instructional design models
The meaning of occupational health among human resources professionals - a qualitative study
Finding the ‘action’ in feminist participatory action research
The role of instability with resistance training
Poor women's discourses of legitimacy, poverty, and health
Growing occupation of professional writing in academic spaces: combinations of theory and practice