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A proteolytic fragment of Mcl-1 exhibits nuclear localization and regulates cell growth by interaction with Cdk1
On the monophyly of chromalveolates using a six-protein phylogeny of eukaryotes
The future of university and organizational learning
Development as a background
Identifying visual-vestibular contributions during target-directed locomotion
Suicide ideation in different generations of immigrants
Inhibition of return and response repetition within and between modalities
The impact of instability resistance training on balance and stability
Terms of inclusion? Rejecting the role of 'honorary man' in the ivory tower
Relationship between hockey skating speed and selected performance measures
The capacity to change and child and youth care practice: a program example and framework
Preparing for winter: Divergence in the summer-autumn hematological profiles from representative species of the squirrel family
Eocene paleo-physiography and drainage directions, southern Interior Plateau, British Columbia
Intraguild predation by the generalist predator Dicyphus herperus on the parasitoid Encarsia formosa
North American Bird Strike Advisory System: Strategic Plan
A search for synergy: the child and youth care educated child protection worker
The cost of being an omnivore: Mandible wear from plant feeding in a true bug
'The picturesqueness of his accent and speech': Methodist missionary narratives and William Henry Pierce's autobiography
Online mental training using WebExcellence