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Advancing women's social justice agendas: a feminist action research framework
Maintenance of EMG activity and loss of force output with instability
A plot of light
Falling standards, rising risks: Issues in hospital cleanliness with contracting out
Good psychology is good theology, good theology is good psychology
Inhibition of return from stimulus to response
Functional pharmacology: the drug discovery bottleneck?
Effect of LTP-reinforcing paradigms on neurotransmitter release in the dentate gyrus of young and aged rats
Lateral gene transfer and the complex distribution of insertions in eukaryotic enolase
The role of aerial photograph interpretation in natural hazard and risk assessment
Villanelle for the punk rock boys of my hometown
Distribution of androgen receptor immunoreactivity in the brainstem of male rats
Becoming a better coach through reflective practice
Prey feeding increases water stress in the omnivorous predator Dicyphus hesperus
Phylogenetic study of the Nemaliales (Rhodophyta) based on large-subunit ribosomal DNA sequences supports segregation of the Scinaiaceae fam. nov. and resurrection of Dichotomaria Lamarck
Peripartum body temperatures in free-ranging ewes (ovis aries) and their lambs
A syntaxin 1, Gαo, and N-type calcium channel complex at a presynaptic nerve terminal: Analysis by quantitative immunocolocalization
Assumptions, Ambiguities, and Possibilities in Interdisciplinary Population Health Research
Evaluating treatment-seeking for acute myocardial infarction in women