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Diagnosis of hyperthyroidism in cats with mild chronic kidney disease
Correlation of thyroid hormone measurements with thyroid stimulating hormone stimulation test results in radioiodine‐treated cats
Proton, muon and 13C hyperfine coupling constants of C60X and C70X (X = H, Mu)
Assessment of HPV 16 and HPV 18 antibody responses by pseudovirus neutralization, Merck cLIA and Merck total IgG LIA immunoassays in a reduced dosage quadrivalent HPV vaccine trial
Enolization of acetone in superheated water detected via radical formation
Near-diffusion-controlled reactions of muonium in sub- and supercritical water
Bioinformatic analysis of chlamydia trachomatis polymorphic membrane proteins PmpE, PmpF, PmpG and PmpH as potential vaccine antigens
New dimensions of sport in modern Europe: Perspectives from the ‘Long Twentieth Century’
A comparative study of anaesthetic agents on high voltage activated calcium channel currents in identified molluscan neurons
Detection of muoniated organic free radicals in supercritical water
Muonium in sub- and supercritical water
Open textbooks: We have led the horse to water – now what?
Attending to multiple discrimination cues
Compression for clinicians: A compass for hearing aid fittings
Subclinical hyperthyroidism in cats: a spontaneous model of subclinical toxic nodular goiter in humans?
Reflecting on good mathematics teaching: Knowing, nurturing, noticing
Urinary iodide concentration in hyperthyroid cats
Muonium kinetics in sub- and supercritical water
‘Success in Britain comes with an awful lot of small print’: Greg Rusedski and the precarious performance of national identity
An unnerving otherness: English nationalism and Rusedski’s smile