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Analysis and modeling of swallowing sounds
Analysis of swallowing sounds using hidden Markov models
Comparison of recurrence plot features of swallowing and breath sounds
Swallowing sound detection using hidden Markov modeling of recurrence plot features
Automated classification of swallowing and breadth sounds
Automated extraction of swallowing sounds using a wavelet-based filter
Analysis of normal swallowing sounds using nonlinear dynamic metric tools
Analysis of temporal pattern of swallowing mechanism
Automated detection of prostate cancer using wavelet transform features of ultrasound RF time series
Validation platform for ultrasound-based monitoring of thermal ablation
Analysis and classification of swallowing sounds using reconstructed phase space features
Tissue characterization using multiscale products of wavelet transform of ultrasound radio frequency echoes
A wavelet transform based digital image watermarking scheme
A new scheme for curved needle segmentation in three-dimensional ultrasound images
Respiratory flow estimation from tracheal sound by adaptive filters