David N. Wright

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Research Interests

  • Teaching media
  • Aesthetic practices of Modernist writers
  • Digital Humanities
  • Comic books and the Superhero
  • Burlesque performance
  • Comics scholarship

Academic Introduction

BA (Hons),(Concordia)
MA, (Concordia)
PhD (McGill)

Editor of Graphixia, A Conversation about Comics Graphixia blog
Member / Writer of The Comics Grid: Journal of Comics Scholarship

Current research is focused in three main areas: Establishing methodologies for emerging trends in the digital humanities. In particular the pedagogical applications of digital technologies, the intersection of coding and writing, digital literature and the implications of "open source," and facilitating spaces for the digital dissemination of academic work. An examination of burlesque performance and its relationship to the aesthetic practices of modernist writers. Focussing on a a diverse range of early Twentieth Century practitioners in a variety of media, but spending the most time on E. E. Cummings, Hart Crane, George Herriman, Gilbert Seldes, Gertrude Stein, Ezra Pound, and Djuna Barnes.

Comic books and their role in shaping cultural narratives (particularly those around masculinity), and how comic books offer a way of understanding narrative as it responds to external political and social pressures. Also, writes a monthly post at Graphixia.

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