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Academic Introduction

PhD (University of British Columbia)
MA (University of Calgary)
BA (University of Calgary)

Jennifer Jill Fellows is a faculty member in the philosophy department at Douglas College. She is also a Media Fellow of the Marc Sanders Foundation. She is a co-editor of a collection of essays examining technology through an intersectional feminist lens entitled Gender, Sex and Tech!: An Intersectional Feminist Guide. The book will be published by Canadian Scholars Women's Press in Summer 2022. The book explores everything from menstrual tech to dating apps, from baby bottles to the gendering of virtual assistants. Her particular research interests are in philosophy of science and technology, social epistemology, and practical ethics.

She earned her PhD in Philosophy at the University of British Columbia under the supervision of Dr. Alan Richardson. Her dissertation, entitled "Making Up Knowers: Objectivity and Categories of Epistemic Subjects" aimed to defend objectivity as an epistemic ideal against those, like Richard Rorty and Lorraine Code, who argue it is an ideal best discarded. She defended objectivity in terms of the categories of epistemic subjects communities who hold the ideal of objectivity tend to create. The abstract for her dissertation can be found here.

She received her MA in Philosophy at the University of Calgary where she wrote a thesis on Personal Identity with reference to Alzheimer's Disease and Dissociative Identity Disorder under the supervision of Dr. Brian Grant. Her BA was also in Philosophy, with a minor in Anthropology.

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