Nathalie Vigouroux-Caillibot

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Research Interests

  • volcanology
  • geothermal geology
  • geochemistry

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Academic Introduction

MSc (Oregon University)
BSc (McGill University)

Douglas College Faculty Member since September 2013.

Nathalie is a geologist who specializes in volcanology, geochemistry, and geothermal geology. She has spent over 15 years studying active volcanoes and geothermal fields in the Indian Ocean, the Americas, and Southeast Asia. Prior to teaching at Douglas, Nathalie was a post-doctoral researcher with a private renewable energy company in Vancouver. She was involved in developing innovative field instrumentation for geothermal exploration. She is interested in developing and implementing low-cost field technology for everything from mineral exploration to volcano monitoring.

She is an adjunct professor in the Department of Earth Sciences at SFU and is pursuing her volcanology research close to home; studying one of the most recent eruptions in Canada and Canada's worst natural disaster, the eruption of Tseax volcano in the 18th century in northwest BC.

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