James T. Harper

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New species of Spirotrichonympha from reticulitermes and the relationships among genera in Spirotrichonymphea (Parabasalia)harperj
Molecular and morphological analysis of the family Calonymphidae with a description of Calonympha chia sp. nov., Snyderella kirbyi sp. nov., Snyderella swezyae sp. nov. and Snyderella yamini sp. nov.harperj
A complex and punctate distribution of three eukaryotic genes derived by lateral gene transferharperj
Large subunit rDNA and rbcL gene sequence data place Petrohua bernabei gen. et sp. nov. in the Batrachospermales (Rhodophyta), but do not provide further resolution among taxa in this orderharperj
On the monophyly of chromalveolates using a six-protein phylogeny of eukaryotesharperj
North American Bird Strike Advisory System: Strategic Planharperj
Lateral gene transfer and the complex distribution of insertions in eukaryotic enolaseharperj
Phylogenetic study of the Nemaliales (Rhodophyta) based on large-subunit ribosomal DNA sequences supports segregation of the Scinaiaceae fam. nov. and resurrection of Dichotomaria Lamarckharperj
Nucleus-encoded, plastid-targeted glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase (GAPDH) indicates a single origin for chromalveolate plastidsharperj
Molecular phylogeny and surface morphology of marine Aseptate Gregarines (Apicomplexa): Selenidium spp. and Lecudina spp.harperj
Plastid-derived Type II fatty acid biosynthetic enzymes in chromistsharperj
Using molecular data to resolve the taxonomic limits of the genera Callophyllis , Euthora and Pugetia (Kallymeniaceae, Rhodophyta)harperj
Molecular systematics of the Florideophyceae (Rhodophyta) using nuclear large- and small-subunit ribosomal DNA sequence dataharperj
A re-classification of the Acrochaetiales based on molecular and morphological data, and establishment of the Colaconematales ord. nov. (Florideophyceae, Rhodophyta) harperj
The application of sequences of the ribosomal cistron to the systematics and classification of the florideophyte red algae (Florideophyceae, Rhodophyta) harperj
A molecular systematic investigation of the Acrochaetiales (Florideophycidae, Rhodophyta) and related taxa based on nuclear small-subunit ribosomal DNA sequence dataharperj
Marine algae of northern Senegal: The flora and its biogeographyharperj
Host specificity of Podocystis adriatica on the red alga Heterosiphonia crispella from Senegalharperj
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