Laura Dane

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Research Interests

  • pathogen salience
  • personal safety
  • Dark Triad traits
  • behaviour and attitude
  • fundamental motives
  • social psychology

Academic Introduction

Education and Credentials

Ph.D., Psychology, University of New Mexico
M.A., Psychology, Simon Fraser University
B.A., Honours, Psychology, Simon Fraser University

Academic and Professional Profile

Throughout my education I was always interested in many different aspects of psychology (cognitive, biological, personality, social, developmental etc.), seeing them all as explaining important aspects of who we are as humans. Early in my undergraduate work I discovered the field of Evolutionary Psychology, which allowed me to integrate all of these different perspectives under one larger view of human nature. I took courses in Human Biology, Behavioral Ecology, Sociology, and Anthropology to help expand my knowledge in these areas. After working with one of the few Evolutionary Psychologists in Canada (at that time) at SFU, I moved on to work with a great, interdisciplinary team of Psychologists, Biologists and Anthropologists at the University of New Mexico. There I was able to do field work in Dominica (a small Caribbean island – not as vacation-like as it sounds), and learn valuable techniques like measuring symmetry and studying how women’s behavior changes across the menstrual cycle. These valuable experiences led me back to Vancouver and to Douglas College, where I helped develop our Bachelor of Arts in Applied Psychology degree, and our Honours program. I have had the pleasure of supervising several honours students, most of whom have had research presented at international conferences, and one project (so far) that has led to a publication.

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