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Production of biofuel from used coffee groundsbaddisonjones
Proton, muon and 13C hyperfine coupling constants of C60X and C70X (X = H, Mu)baddisonjones
Enolization of acetone in superheated water detected via radical formationBrenda Addison-Jones
Muonium kinetics in sub- and supercritical waterBrenda Addison-Jones
Free radicals formed by H(Mu) addition to fluoranthenebaddisonjones
Near-diffusion-controlled reactions of muonium in sub- and supercritical waterbaddisonjones
Detection of the muoniated methyl radicalbaddisonjones
Structure and dynamics of the Mu adduct of diketenebaddisonjones
Detection of muoniated organic free radicals in supercritical waterBrenda Addison-Jones
Hyperfine coupling constants of muonium in sub and supercritical waterbaddisonjones
Zero frequency resonance: Another way to measure muon-electron hyperfine constantsbaddisonjones
Muonium in sub- and supercritical waterBrenda Addison-Jones
Intramolecular motion and isotope effects in muonium‐substituted chloroalkyl radicalsbaddisonjones
Temperature dependence of the muon and proton hyperfine constants of an \alpha‐muonium‐substituted methyl radicalbaddisonjones
Radio-frequency muon spin resonance studies of endohedral and exohedral muonium adducts of fullerenesbaddisonjones
13C hyperfine coupling constants in MuC60baddisonjones
Detection of an α-Muonium-substituted methyl radical baddisonjones
Level crossing resonance due to chlorine nuclei in a free radicalbaddisonjones
Conformational studies of thiyl and selenenyl radicals baddisonjones
Spin relaxation of muonated radicals in the gas phase baddisonjones
Muon investigations of fullerenyl radicalsbaddisonjones
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