Dominique Falls

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Academic Introduction

PhD, Sociology & Anthropology, Sociology of Sport, Youth and Family (Simon Fraser University)
MA in Kinesiology, Sociology of Sport (University of British Columbia)
BSc with Honours in Sociology & Anthropology, Sociology of Law and Criminal Justice (Creighton University)

SFU Certificate in University Teaching and Learning

Douglas College Faculty since 2015.

I have spent my academic career studying and researching the socio-cultural relationships between sport and society – including the various ways in which social structures shape our experiences of sport. I am particularly interested in sport in rural, remote, and isolated communities, the Indigenous Sport Sector, and sport in marginalized and hard-to-service communities. My Doctorate in Sociology (Simon Fraser University) examined organized youth sport in remote and rural communities in BC through the lived experiences of young children and their families.

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