Andrew A. Reid

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Research Interests

  • Sentencing
  • Punishment
  • Crime prevention
  • Environmental criminology
  • Policing
  • Cybercrime
  • The measurement of crime
  • Inequalities in criminal justice

Academic Introduction

PhD (Simon Fraser University)
MA (Simon Fraser University)
BA (Simon Fraser University)

Professional Affiliations:
American Society of Criminology
British Columbia Crime Prevention Association
Canadian Criminal Justice Association
Western Society of Criminology

Douglas College Faculty member since 2015.

My current research program is broadly centred on studying issues related to the criminal courts in Canada, with a more specific focus on sentencing. By adopting an interdisciplinary approach, my recent research has applied geographic measurement concepts to a variety of problems that have long plagued sentencing in Canada. The goal in this regard has been to produce a greater understanding of sentencing patterns for the development of effective criminal justice policy.

Prior to starting at Douglas College, I conducted research at the Institute for Canadian Urban Research Studies (ICURS). That experience included developing computational models for studying travel patterns of offenders, the relationship between social network structure and deviant behaviour, and the influence of the built environment on crime patterns. Other research experience includes crime prevention evaluation and cost-benefit analyses of harm reduction strategies.

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